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How high peptide Colostrum Max is protected from stomach acids and digestive enzymes:

In order to protect colostrum from human (post infancy) stomach acids and digestive enzymes, it is necessary to add a lipsome coating made from lecithin.

This coating is called a Lipsome Delivery System (LDS) which wraps around the colostral components of colostrum. It helps protect the colostrum as it passes through the stomach and delivers it to the small intestine where they can be of most benefit.

Liposomes can also penetrate skin surfaces and carry colostrum components into the blood stream for further delivery throughout the body to organs and cells for use as needed. Liposomes also help prevent oxidation of the product between the time of manufacture and its use.
Studies have shown that colostrum without a Liposomal Delivery (LDS) tends to clump together in the gastrointestinal tract, while colostrum with LDS readily disperses for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Digestion studies comparing colostrum without LDS to colostrum with LDS show that the Liposomal Delivery System offers nearly 100% protection to IgG (immunoglobulin G) in the colostrum from being broken down by stomach acids and digestive enzymes - compared to almost a 50% destruction of immunoglobulin in colostrum without LDS.

Chemical studies have shown that the tiny spheres of lipid enclose and protect the contents, in the treated colostrum.
Unfortunately many companies state they add a LDS using lecithin to their colostrum but the key to why a LDS is effective in protecting colostrum is the proprietary process used to spray every particle of colostrum with the LDS. Simply adding lecithin to the colostrum powder during the blending process does not coat each colostrum particle and therefore is mostly ineffective in protecting the colostrum during its journey through the digestive tract.

These companies just blending lecithin are trying to piggy back on this LDS proprietary process and could be misleading their customers.


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