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Colostrum MAX is  an immune system balancing pure powder.
Colostrum is nature's perfect first  food. It supplies immune and growth factors along with a perfect combination  of vitamins and minerals to insure the health, vitality, and cell growth.

Colostrum has applications for every  generation and it is never too late to start gaining the benefits of life's  precious first food.

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The key difference between Colostrum MAX and other immune balancing products is the presence of a high level of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs). It is protected by a coating called: Lipsome Delivery System (LDS) which wraps around the colostral components of colostrum. It helps protect the colostrum as it passes through the stomach and delivers it to the small intestine where they can be of most benefit.

Colostrum MAX is 100% PURE colostrum. No fillers or milk powder have been added.

PRPs have been shown to stimulate an underactive immune system and repress an overactive immune system, bringing the immune system to homeostatic balance.

Balancing the body's immune system is one of the keys to returning the body back to and maintaining a healthy state.


Therapeutic   – up to 10gms per day (maximum)
Maintenance  - up to 5gms per day
Children        - up to 5gms per day (maximum)

If you would take this product to maintain good health, one can will last 2 months.

Colostrum MAX is registered with the TGA as a "Listed Medicine". Registration No: AUST L 190135.  The product also complies with TGA regulations in New Zealand.

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Colostrum MAX powder 300gm -

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