The Benefits of COLOSTRUM MAX

Colostrum MaxTM was specifically researched and designed to fill a gap in the market as most colostrums are sold as a food only and are not listed with the appropriate authorities.

Therefore non listed colostrums cannot make any medical or therapeutic claims. The new pure Colostrum MAXTM had to be listed, be of the highest quality, contain the highest peptide content and represent excellent value for money.

It was important the new Colostrum MAXTM was not mixed with milk powders or other fillers in the manufacturing processes, which would have diluted its efficacy and performance.

Colostrum MAXTM embodies the following:

The best value for your dollar and is economically priced

Manufactured from “1st milking colostrum” which is collected within 16 hours after birth

Has the highest peptide content to ensure performance and efficacy

Consists of only 100% pure colostrum of the highest quality with no added fillers and milk powders

Modulating and stimulating effect on the immune system and stem cell activity

Processed using the latest techniques under the strictest quality assurance programs.

Sourced from only selected grass fed dairy cows – rBST FREE (artifical growth hormone)

Supported by scientific research on humans.

Received an AUST L number (190135) with the ARTG enabling certain claims and therapeutic benefits to be printed on the label and publicly stated.

Has a 20% IgG content in each serving to improve gut function including the ability to fight viruses and bacteria.

Recommended dosage of either 5gms or 10gms per day dependant on conditions being treated.